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The Ultimate Guide to Organic Scalp Treatments in 2024

Foundation to a Healthy Scalp

A healthy scalp is the foundation of healthy, vibrant hair. However, in our fast-paced urban environment, issues like pollution, stress and over-styling can disrupt the delicate balance of the scalp. This is where the nourishing power of organic scalp treatments comes in. At Colour Haven Hair Studio, we believe deeply in the restorative abilities of toxin-free, biodynamic ingredients to heal the scalp and promote the growth of resilient, luminous locks.

In this definitive guide, we explore the world of organic scalp care - from understanding common scalp concerns to customising targeted treatment plans. Read on for insider knowledge on choosing the proper organic remedy for your unique hair needs and maintaining results with natural, holistic hair care. Get ready to transform your tresses from root to tip!

The Importance of Organic Scalp Treatment

The scalp is the fertile base from which our hair sprouts and thrives. Maintaining its health with natural and organic ingredients is crucial for promoting healthy hair growth and vibrant, abundant locks. However, dandruff, dryness and inflammation can disrupt this delicate environment. Organic scalp treatments offer a gentle yet potent approach to addressing these common issues. Colour Haven Hair Studio are committed to providing the best hair care experience for our clients. As a leading organic hair salon in Singapore, we specialise in using only the finest organic products, including Oway, to ensure that your hair receives the most natural and healthy treatment possible. Utilising biodynamic botanicals, essential oils and clays, our organic scalp treatments detoxify, balance and deeply nourish the scalp without harsh chemicals. This comprehensive scalp analysis and treatment allows us to tackle dandruff, hair loss, brittleness and oiliness. The organic Oway products we use, which are 100% vegan and organic, enhance circulation and reduce irritation, creating the ideal scalp conditions to stimulate strong, resilient hair growth. Our hair colour range is also free from harmful chemicals such as ammonia, parabens, GMOs, petroleum, fragrance allergens, PEGs, PPGs & BGs and artificial colourants, ensuring you leave the salon with healthy, vibrant locks. In turn, these chemical-free, organic treatments thoroughly cleanse, balance and nourish for an optimised scalp environment to foster your best hair yet.

A bowl of honey with a wooden spoon, used for organic hair treatments, surrounded by daisies, bundles of twigs, and moss on a gauzy fabric.

How to Choose the Right Organic Scalp Treatment 

With customisable organic hair treatments now available in Singapore, getting the perfect remedy tailored to your unique hair needs has never been easier. Our expert stylists first analyse the scalp to determine concerns like dryness, irritation and sensitivity. We consider lifestyle factors like diet, stress levels, product use and environment. This provides us with the necessary framework to design a personalised treatment plan. Every client has unique hair goals and challenges. An ingredient that beautifully balances one scalp may over-dry another. A treatment that targets dandruff may be too clarifying for an already dry scalp. We craft intensive remedies that holistically address the underlying causes of your hair issues for healthy, visible results.

Exploring the Range of Organic Hair Treatments

At Colour Haven Hair Studio, we use toxin-free, biodynamic products created by Italian brand OWAY in our signature treatments. Their organic formulations contain ingredients sourced through fair trade practices for ethical sourcing and maximum potency benefits. We offer a range of customisable rituals to suit different hair types and treatment objectives.

OWAY Scalp & Hair Spa

Revitalise your hair and scalp with OWAY Scalp & Hair Spa, a luxurious 4-step treatment, or the effective 3-step OWAY Scalp Spa. Both include Herbs & Clay Peeling, a specific scalp treatment with Flower Fall, and a nourishing organic hair treatment. These services promote scalp health, reduce hair fall, and leave your hair revitalised. Treat yourself to OWAY for gorgeous, healthy hair and a refreshed scalp.

Arimino Spring Hair & Scalp 

Ultra moisturising specialised care for Asian hair. It creates volume from the roots, leaving the hair and scalp hydrated while giving an airy and soft finish.

OWAY Rebuilding Treatment  

OWAY Rebuilding Hair Treatment utilises OWAY Infrared and Ultrasound Iron to reconstruct the protective layer around cuticles, enhancing the reparation of hair fibre. It traces elements and minerals that supply strength, softness, and resistance to your hair.

Specific Scalp Treatment

Targeted remedies for specific scalp imbalances using biodynamic essential oils, plant stem cells and ozone therapy.

Luxury Smoother Spa Treatment

Is an organic hair smoothing treatment  contains natural enzymes and keratin amino acids that assist in smoothing your hair. It straightens and eliminates frizz, leaving incredible softness and silkiness to the hair.

Person scratching their head, possibly indicating itchiness or perplexity, potentially in need of an organic scalp treatment.

Maintaining Scalp Health Naturally

Maintaining healthy hair necessitates diligent daily care. Give yourself a weekly scalp massage with essential oils to stimulate hair growth and promote a healthy scalp. Avoid over-styling with excessive heat, bleaching, or tight hairstyles that can damage follicles and contribute to hair fall. Our range of organic shampoos, masks, and hair tonics are easy additions to your at-home regimen, supporting a naturally healthy scalp between salon visits and promoting overall hair health. Curious about more solutions for your specific hair needs? Visit our collection on our website to find what is best for your hair. If you're looking for scalp treatment in Singapore, these steps can help maintain the benefits of professional care whilst reducing hair loss and improving the condition of your hair.


When you're ready for a sensational organic hair loss treatment and scalp therapy, book a consultation at our organic hair color salon today! Our experts are ready to revitalise your scalp problems and eliminate any hair concerns, keeping the health of your scalp at its peak. Book a consultation today by calling +6562652279 or use our use-friendly booking system to select the services that suit your needs effortlessly. We also welcome walk-ins at our 1 Fusionopolis #B1-09/10 Connexis Singapore salon.


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